Thursday, February 10, 2011

How valuable is an idea?

The most valuable thing in the world is idea. Ideas are valuable than all the valuables in the material form. All the valuables in material form if lost could be found easily than a idea lost after conceived. So, it is important to store ideas in text form. "Opportunity knocks the door once" is an old proverb. In the same lines, seldom an unpreserved idea never returns. Ideas and the knowledge created by a person need to be passed to the next generations.

History speaks volumes on the ideas lost due to unsecured methods of preservation of ideas. Ideas are not for keeping to oneself. They need to be shared with others. That is when, ideas grow through multiple inputs from others. Ideas kept to oneself dies along with the person. The ideas, the knowledge from them and the hardwork put up for the generation of those knowledge become fruitless if the ideas were not passed to the world. Governments around the globe use the patenting system for securing ideas of individuals thereby preventing ideas from dying along with the conceiver.

In ancient times, scholars with a broad mind wanted their knowledge to be immortal unlike them. They stored their knowledge in the best technique available to them at that time. Some of these techniques were carvings on clay, stone and rock. As time passed, dyes were used to write on palm leaves and paper. So, always it is good to carry an equipment where you can store your idea in text form. The equipment could be anything as simple as a pen and paper to hi-tech electronic notebook.